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Warren S. Reid, Managing Director

Warren S. Reid possesses over 40 years of progressive experience as a management, litigation & technology consultant, and expert witness. He is Co-Founder and Managing Director of WSR Consulting Group, LLC, since 1988. He is sought after worldwide for his expertise in:

  • Unearthing the real root causes and parties responsible for software project failures;
  • Evaluating the execution of promised (SDLC) systems development lifecycle methodologies;
  • Appraising the effectiveness of project leadership and use of project management "best practices";
  • Analyzing assigned project team skills against their contractual responsibilities;
  • Assessing project estimate reliability and management; identifying, managing, mitigating, and avoiding project risks;
  • Gauging the reliability of the testing regimen, planned vs. actual test status, adequacy of test coverage; analyzing test results patterns and what they (and short-cuts) foretell about the upcoming Go-Live & settlement period; acceptance tests, QC & QA; effectiveness of training, organizational change, and business process reengineering.

Mr. Reid has been an expert witness in IT disputes in North America, Asia and Europe testifying in U.S. State & Federal Courts, U.S. Court of Federal Claims, the International Arbitration Center in London, among others. Mr. Reid has especially strong expertise and experience in project estimation based upon several internationally recognized estimation models/standards, software development lifecycles, and the testing regimen.

He teaches computer contract law at Southwestern Law School and in Undergraduate Systems and Software Engineering classes at USC. He has published extensively on many of the above areas and has been a keynote speaker at prestigious conferences. Mr. Reid has an M.B.A. in Management Information & Control (i.e. computer science) from Wharton Graduate School.

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Richard Battino, Senior Manager

Richard Battino is skilled in process and technology consulting, risk management, internal audit, with industry experience in financial services (insurance, banking, and brokerage), health care/pharmaceuticals, technology, NGO and transportation companies. Mr. Battino has extensive expertise helping companies (ranging in size from $80 million to $30 billion) address strategic, tactical, auditing, compliance, governance and technology-related business needs. In addition, he has managed $10 million IT project portfolios. He has also worked as a consultant and testified as an expert witness in information systems development and implementation, project management, and quality control in several litigation matters.





Bruce Blitch, Senior Manager

Over 25 years in assisting companies to recognize the business improvements through information technology - delivering enhancements to profitability, efficiency, and/or market position. 10 years of global systems responsibilities and international postings in a Fortune 500 company, and 15 years in positions as CIO and/or CFO for, multi-location/state financial retail service, and multi-national manufacturing, companies. B.Sc.





John Cosgrove, Senior Manager

John Cosgrove, PE, CDP, has been a software engineer for over 40 years and a self-employed consultant since 1970. His specialties include forensic engineering and software development. He has also been designated as an expert witness in numerous IT and IP (patent, copyright and trade secret) matters. He has extensive experience in large scale-computer systems failure litigation and expertise in project management practices, best software development methodologies, and in interface development. He experience covers business and scientific applications including embedded and avionics systems and communication devices.





Tom Duffy, Senior Manager

30 years of diverse information technology and business management experience, both as a CIO and in leading Applications Development organizations, with strong expertise in IT Audit & Compliance as well. He has built from scratch or rebuilt seven I/T organizations, often after the sudden departure of prior management. Mr. Duffy’s project background includes 30 projects successfully completed, 12 of which are considered “large” (10+ man-years, each). He has solid litigation support experience, concentrating on interpreting technology issues and in creating litigation support systems.






Ed Greenberg, Manager

More than 30 years of professional Information Technology (IT) experience and expertise in: planning, managing, designing, developing, testing, implementing, quality assuring, monitoring and reviewing large –scale IT systems & software projects; refining Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies for one of the world’s largest IT consulting and outsourcing companies; monitoring contracted-for service levels; improving IT operations efficiency and effectiveness; and aligning business and IT strategy. In-depth leadership experience, expertise, and success in planning, managing, deploying and monitoring outsourced IT services, staff, and software solutions. Experience/expertise in numerous industries including Healthcare, Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Distribution, Financial Services, Insurance, Government, Automotive, Membership Services, Publishing, and Retail.






Ken Hewitt

Ken Hewitt, Manager

More than 40 years of diversified experience and expertise in Information Systems and Information Technology. As a user in the manufacturing industry I applied Information Systems to improve product quality and reliability. As a salesman, I educated customers and prospects in how to make best use of and integrate their computer hardware, software and netware with their business and decision flows. During this time, I was able to learn how successful businesses operated.

Over the last decade, as a litigation consultant, I continue to use my deep industry and Information Technology experience and expertise, and strong statistical/mathematical, and analytical skills to drill down, uncover, and determine what technical and human factors, decisions taken (or not), people, misunderstandings, deviations from good industry systems development life cycles (SDLCs) methodologies, poor project management, bad estimating assumptions, sketchy test regimens and more, are, in fact, the real root causes leading to systems and IT project failure -- and if so, how each party contributed to those failings. I continue to write specific parts of WSRcg’s Expert Reports and Findings when asked.






Leon A. Kappelman

Leon A. Kappelman, Senior Manager

Leon A. Kappelman is a research scientist, educator, and advisor, focusing for over three decades on designing, building, implementing, managing, and operating information systems (IS). He is a professor of IS and Director Emeritus of the IS Research Center in the College of Business, University of North Texas. His professional expertise includes software project management, IS development and maintenance, avoiding software failures, IS requirements and architecture, continuity of operations, organizational change management, performance measurement, and high-tech public policy concerns like privacy, security, and software quality.

Professor Kappelman has advised aerospace, energy, defense, health care, hospitality, education, banking, insurance, telecom, retail, and all levels of government organizations. He has testified on high-tech issues before Congress, participated in White House industry round tables, and served on the American Heart Association's IT Expert Panel. As an advisor and expert witness to counsel, he has worked on cases concerning software project failures, intellectual property disputes (copyrights, patents, and trade secrets), software defects and product liability, cyber-security breaches, and IT/IS best practices.





David King, Senior Manager

Over 30 years of progressive experience as business owner, IT organizational head and leader, IT management consultant, educator, and writer. Mr. King is a recognized industry guru in systems development disciplines and processes, and has published three successful books and several articles on Project Management, Program Design and Systems Development. B.A., HNC (B.Sc. equivalent).






David Knigge, Senior Manager

With over 20 years of experience as a project manager, technologist, and business and litigation consultant for organizations varying from small startups to multi-billion dollar enterprises, Mr. Knigge demonstrates a unique mix of technical, managerial and business expertise. Through its relationship with Mr. Knigge, WSRcg enjoys access to capabilities and resources of Archon Technologies, of which Mr. Knigge is president, in the technical areas of application and web design and architecture, network and infrastructure design and support, software development, database administration and design, systems integration, performance tuning, contingency planning performance.






Joseph L. Lewis, Senior Manager

Mr. Lewis has over 28 years of business and IT consulting experience, with strong expertise in the areas of project management, systems analysis, business planning, business restructuring, and expert witness analysis on business and accounting issues. His consulting and accounting experience has focused on numerous industries, including higher education, real estate investment, manufacturing, wholesale, distribution and financial service corporations.






Dan Ligett, Manager

Dan Ligett is the founder and President of Softstar Systems, where his work includes software development and model refinement. He has more than 40 years of software development experience. His COCOMO Models have been licensed to Fortune 500 companies, State & Local Governments, other business venues around the world, plus his software model(s) have been used by expert witnesses to help instruct judges and juries regarding the cost, schedule and resources to: complete troubled large-scale systems projects; restart system development from scratch; set values on reusable systems artifacts; redo the project starting with a "Transfer System."

Dan is a member of the USC Center for Systems & Software Engineering Affiliates program, and has served on the Program Committee for the COCOMO Forum since 1985. He received the 2009 USC CSSE Lifetime Achievement award for his work in cost model development and calibration. He received his B.S. in Chemistry & Mathematics from Carnegie-Mellon University, and his Masters in Software Engineering from the Wang Institute of Graduate Studies.





David Matzner

David Matzner, Manager

David Matzner has more than 20 years of professional experience managing, designing, building, deploying, and implementing technology and business solutions in numerous industries including Healthcare, Consumer Electronics, Engineering, Energy, Oil & Gas, Retail and Civil and Geotechnical Engineering. He managed large technical teams at Apple Computer developing complex software for projects with tight budgets and deadlines. His expertise includes: quality management; software implementation; performing IT architectural, technical & economic evaluations; aligning business and IT strategies; troubleshooting production system failures; improving IT outsourcing arrangements and more.






James Mottern

Cassie Oates, Senior Consultant, Analyst, Database Administrator

With over 15 years of experience as a business owner, entrepreneur, and as operations manager of a 350-person enterprise, Ms. Oates specializes in organizing teams to perform their jobs and meet their goals more efficiently and effectively through improved interpersonal relationships, communication, and supporting IT systems processes, procedures and controls. At WSRcg, Cassie has been assigned to large-scale ERP and SAP system failure litigation projects to provide assistance in uncovering and discovering the strengths and weaknesses of each side's case and the flaws in each side's arguments.
Ms. Oates has expertise in the following areas:

  • Planning and conducting client and percipient witness interviews and site visits
  • Researching, organizing, classifying, and rating discovery documents
  • Interpreting project management e-mails
  • Assisting in preparation of expert reports, as well as for testimony

In addition, she has experience in the following areas:

  • Estimating IT projects and SDLC phases
  • Reviewing error logs, error patterns and efficiency of fixes
  • Analyzing project work breakdown structures (WBS), timeline, critical path, and estimates to complete
  • Comparing staff skills against work assigned and determining if they match up
  • Assessing Steering Committee reports and impact on project and system
  • Analyzing risks and the effectiveness of managing those risks.

Ms. Oates has specific knowledge and has successfully overseen several implementations of critical software upgrades (including SAP upgrades), and understands the processes, risks, BPR efforts, organizational change management, systems readiness, people readiness, "fear of change" culture, and other challenges that must be anticipated and overcome for a successful system and Go-Live.






Vijay Tejuja, Senior Manager

Over 30 years of information systems and technology experience and expertise in the public and private sectors. Proven expertise and leadership in successful project management and software development methodologies, including the areas of project estimation and project management, staffing, sub-contractor management, configuration management, software testing, risk management, user training, data conversion, systems interfaces, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best IT service management, support and delivery practices, and quality management. B.Eng., Graduate Diploma in Computer Analysis and Design.




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