10 Deadly IT Triggers: Vendor Failure

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To err is human, but to keep repeating your same mistakes and ones made by those before you -- that’s “unforgivable!”

Successful IT Project Managers understand this and study, analyze, and learn from their own and others’ experiences. The graveyard model’s apocalyptic practices can be planned for, managed, mitigated, and/or avoided by: using CMMi Level 2 teams or higher; creating and updating realistic estimates, following promised project and IT methodologies; getting requirements right yet allowing for some changes, using automated tools properly; performing rigorous testing at all levels; building quality Into the product - not after; avoiding/managing/mitigating risks in a timely manner; communicating “actionable” metrics and providing clear and honest reporting and communications (NOT rosier than actual risks and project status)

Go to ITApocalypseVendorsFail.pdf to see the Deadly Triggers from the Customer side.