Riskipedia 2.0: Failure Factors That Fly Under the Radar: Hidden, Yet Debilitating Software Project Cripplers!

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Today, even though many software projects and organizations follow much better standards than in the past, and do a better job estimating projects, assigning the “right” staff, performing good project management, following good SDLC methodology and mitigating/managing risks – over 2/3 of large scale systems projects still come in late, over budget, under-functioning or scrapped altogether! Why? Because once these fundamental failure factors are dealt with, other challenges and risks that were potentially always there – actually surface.

Warren has explored this phenomenon and introduces a whole new series of oftentimes hidden risks that “pull defeat out of the jaws of victory." In previous presentations exposing these hidden project cripplers, attending IT executives shook their heads and asked, “How could I have missed that?”