“Developing Savvy MIS/IT Contracts that: Allocate Risks, Keep You On Target, & Help Lead to Project Success!"

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Here, Dick Bernacchi, one of the founders of the field of Computer Law, and Warren S. Reid tie together their vast experience in the contracting, litigation and expert witness arenas to identify and trace approximately 200 contract clause areas (IT technical, business and legal areas) to various stages of the systems development life cycle. Warren, in turn, then cross-references each of these to the 11 top reasons disputing parties attribute as the root causes of alleged failure. why systems/software projects fail virtually anywhere in the world claims & counterclaims found in virtually every failed systems/software project dispute anywhere in the world.” (see Warren’s “He Said … She Said” model).

This was created to enable vendor, integrator, and/or customer project technology leaders, managers and subject matter experts to understand where they fit in the IT Contracting Process and to allow them to contribute valid, knowledgeable, measurable and in-depth contributions to Counsel.