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Have you been reading and commenting on and contributing to our blog?

Did you know that:

  1. The success rate for software development/implementation projects has not exceeded 35% (per the Standish Group’s “Chaos Reports”) during that period?
  2. Scrapped software projects accounted for $55 billion in the USA – just a few years ago (per the National Institute of Science & Technology)?
  3. The promised cost, schedule and functionality benefits from outsourcing IT have not been realized in 50% of the North American & European companies that use it?
  4. Lawsuits between many large software companies, their Fortune 500 customers, and the giant IT consulting/systems integrator firms have grown from virtually nothing into a steady stream of specialized litigation?

Is there nothing we have learned during the past 20 years to improve the odds of a successful implementation that meets functional, quality, cost & schedule requirements and ROI, tolerable risk levels & stakeholder expectations?

There sure is! And I’m hoping this blog will become a forum for IT: attorneys and litigators, executives, professionals, and educators to post IT lessons learned, and practical, implementable recommendations and strategies to benefit others.

This is intended to be a blog/forum about IT and IT law now – not the future! We are striving for ongoing, creative and substantive ideas and dialogue, allowing each of us to do a better job and have a more rewarding career in our respective areas of expertise.

Topics will present alternative best practices in many of the business, technical and legal aspects regarding IT management, planning/alignment, budgeting, development, implementation and maintenance. It will uncover some of the secrets for successfully: selecting software and software vendors; implementing ERP systems and integrating enterprise applications; valuing high tech assets; and using IT expert witnesses. And it is my plan to have legal colleagues share: best legal practices for IT contracts; strategies, approaches & lessons learned re litigating/resolving IT disputes; analysis of important IT legal matters & judgments.


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