Sampling of Testimonials

Following is a sampling of testimonials and competitor/colleague comments about Warren S. Reid and the WSR Consulting Group, LLC team:

Extremely thorough and organized, very articulate, and has a very credible courtroom presence

-- Richard Bernacchi, Esq., Partner Irell & Manella, Attorneys

“Warren is one of the most engaging and impressive personalities I’ve met on the expert scene. Having known and worked with him on a variety of projects over the past twelve years, I would recommend without reservation that he be considered for any engagement calling for his particular knowledge, experience and abilities.”

-- Steve Davidson, Esq. Managing Partner, Davidson, PLLC Former Partner, Leonard Street and Deinard

It has been my pleasure to have known and worked with Warren for over 20 years. His knowledge of the computer software development process, and his ability to explain that process, both in scientific terms and jury terms, is unique. Over the years I have also been impressed with his ability to develop models and "standards" to be applied to development projects. He has a great understanding of the dispute resolution process and the strategy which applies. I have referred him to others on several occasions and I look forward to working with him in the future.

-- Steven Brower, Esq., Partner Buckhalter Nemer, A Professional Law Corp. Business Insurance, Computer Technology and IP Litigator

“… the terrific job you [Warren] and your team did for me in litigation and arbitration involving the defense of securities fraud claims in connection with my client's initial public offering. Your ability to analyze and distill the complex issues surrounding the client's software testing process and computer system development were particularly valuable to me as a "non-techie."

It was also helpful to have you and your team available to assist in preparing the case and determining what evidence and witnesses would best present our story. Determining a winning strategy is one of the most important elements of litigation, and your input in that regard was invaluable.

The arbitrators who finally heard the case obviously appreciated your facility in explaining the facts and issues in a way that was intelligible to a lay person. We could not have achieved the very favorable result which occurred without your contributions to analysis, strategy, and presentation.

I sincerely hope we have the opportunity to work together again soon.”

-- Fran Goins, Esq. Partner, Ulmer Berne LLP, Attorneys

“Warren is one of the sharpest and most insightful of all the computer experts and management consultants I've known. He's got a broad range of experience, and doesn't pull any punches when he advises clients and senior executives how to get themselves out of the technical problems they've gotten into, and how to achieve competitive advantage in today's fast-moving global environment.”

-- Ed Yourdon CEO, NODRUOY INC. International software consultant and author

Software consultant and author “Warren has been a guest lecturer for my graduate level course in the Strategic Management of Technology in the Daniel Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Southern California. His engaging and highly interactive presentation style and his unique and readily communicated approach to the complex subject of valuing intangibles has resulted in stimulating interchange with both the on-campus and distance learning students, and his sessions are eagerly anticipated. This is a subject that is of critical importance to management and transaction success, and I highly recommend Warren to anyone that is, or anticipates, addressing these issues.”

-- Michael Mann, Ph.D., Chairman, EnCompass Knowledge Systems, Inc., Board member at several high-tech companies, Adjunct Professor, USC

“I have had the pleasure of working with Warren on two major system failure cases. He leaves no stone unturned in getting to the truth of what happened (and more importantly, what should have happened but didn’t). His small but specialized team does better, faster and more thorough work than even the largest consulting firms.”

-- Michael D. Scott, Esq. Professor of Law Law book author Former law firm partner In-house counsel at high-tech companies

“Warren and I have worked together on several litigation matters. He is very good at relating to clients and their staff. He is very effective in managing the search for all potentially relevant information and the process of distilling that information to identify the critical points of the case. He then focuses on uncovering and understanding root causes and their effects to build simple but powerful stories about what happened and why for judges and juries. He has an extensive network of experts that he can call on to meet special case requirements.”

-- Hal Amens CEO, Lyon, Popanz & Forester Senior management consultant

"Warren's breadth of experience and rare ability to explain technical issues in an easily understandable and persuasive way was a major reason for the successful resolution of a failed enterprise system I handled. Knowing the wide variety of sources for failure, he enabled me to cost-effectively focus on the right targets in a litigation field with many unproductive rabbit trails. I highly recommend retaining him for your next complex system failure case."

-- Marty Trupiano, Esq., Partner Law Offices of Martin J. Trupiano

"We have worked with Warren Reid and his group on a number of computer system failure cases and projects. Warren and the consultants at WSR Consulting Group, LLC are among the most thorough, well prepared, professional consultants with whom I have worked in 25 years of litigating technology cases. I unreservedly recommend them to anyone looking for the premier experts in planning a large-scale computer system development or implementation project or rescuing one which has gone awry. When litigating computer system failure cases, the consultants at WSR Consulting are our expert of choice."

-- G. Donovan Conwell, Jr., Esq. Florida Bar Board Certified Managing Partner, Conwell Kirkpatrick, P.A.

"Warren and his team were tireless, dedicated and extremely smart. Warren thoroughly understood, simplified, and explained the complex technical and business issues in the case to counsel and the jury, and listened as well as he taught, which was very well indeed."

-- Robert Michaels, Esquire Robinson Curley & Clayton, P.C.

“Dear Mr. Kunin,
I’ve been practicing technology law for over 20 years (since before we had technology), and thought that you and Warren Reid gave one of the most useful presentations yesterday that I’ve ever seen. Having just been through exactly that sort of situation with one of my clients, all I could think as we went through the “He Said, She Said” list – They didn’t tell me they were being interviewed for this talk!...”

First Vice President & Senior Counsel

A Glowing Recommendation for Warren S. Reid from USC on

Following is a recommendation that Warren S. Reid received from, on May 1, 2012:

“As a lecturer of the graduate-level software engineering class and software management and economics class at USC, Warren is our regular invited guest lecturer. Students love to hear his informative stories about IT updates, tips and tricks in software engineering world, new trends in software business, and how to apply various theories to reality... His presentation skill is exceptional. His knowledge is vast and comprehensive. I would love to invite him any day. He is one of the best guest lectures that we have..."

--Dr. Supannika ("Sue") Koolmanojwong, PhD
USC Faculty

"Warren has lectured in Dr. Barry Boehm's and my Software Engineering and Software Management & Economics graduate school classes over the last two years. He brings his unique, refreshing, and practical experience and expertise forward through engaging anecdotal stories, lessons learned, and his “Four IT Success Models” that make the classes and the materials alive and relevant. His distinctive ways of looking at things are well tested, proven, known and praised in the academic, industry and professional communities because they WORK!!

In his lectures at USC so far, he has already addressed:

  • Why Systems Fail?
  • Why we still can’t elicit and develop “successful” requirements?
  • How to turnaround “drowning” projects?
  • How to develop winning IT contracts that lead to successful projects?

His presentations invariably lead to interesting class questions and discussion, and the students and faculty are excited and ready to learn when they hear that Warren is coming to lecture."

-- A Winsor Brown, Assistant Director USC Center for Systems and Software Engineering
-- Dr. Barry Boehm, Professor of Computer Science, and Systems Architecting & Engineering

“You’re going to have a unique experience today in that you are going to listen to the person who has made the most significant applications of cost estimation in the whole field of not only computer science but in legal and government applications…” -- Dr. Barry Boehm – Introduction to Guest Lecture on November 20, 2017, USC CSC 510 – “It’s not about the estimate, It’s about the ESTIMATE”