Litigation Resume of Warren S. Reid
Managing Director, WSR Consulting Group, LLC

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Warren S. Reid possesses over 40 years of progressive experience as a litigation-, management-, and technology strategist and consultant. He currently is the Managing Director of WSR Consulting Group, LLC. His positions have included Senior Principal (Partner) In-Charge of Information Systems and Litigation Consulting for an international public accounting and consulting firm. 
Warren Reid is sought after internationally for his special expertise in: computer systems and software engineering, architecture, training & documentation; large-scale systems development methodologies (i.e., planned and agile methodologies); project management, staffing, and estimation techniques; systems testing (regimen; planning; staffing; executing; test data creation; results logging; error/bug fixing; levels of testing; acceptance and quality); Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Organizational Change Management (OCM), and realizing business benefits; and turning around "Runaway Projects".
He has also been a consultant, expert witness, special master, and litigation strategist in cases re: intellectual property; systems design, performance, and contracts; IT & computer industry standards (DoD Mil-Specs; CMMi, PCI-DSS; PMI, ISO-9000, HIPAA, etc.) large-scale systems project and contract management; systems testing, readiness and acceptability; Y2K liability and damages; director/officer responsibility; new product and business launches; business failures; RICO; and insurance matters. His expertise spans both liability and damages. Work is split between plaintiffs and defendants.

Warren Reid has testified as an expert in U.S. Superior Courts, U.S. Federal Courts, and the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, as well as, prepared testimony for European and Asian courts, and testified at the International Arbitration Center in London.

The scope of the systems that Warren S. Reid and WSR Consulting Group, LLC, has planned, built, and/or implemented, written about, lectured on, and testified on covers multiple industries, and includes large:

  • New economy, Internet, and e-systems, (i.e., e-commerce, B2C, B2B, On-line Service providers, aggregators, etc.)
  • Outsourced systems, including offshore outsourcing: contracts, SLAs, measurement of realization of business and financial benefits, measurable definitions of quality
  • Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Internet as a Service (IaaS); Cloud-Computing
  • Legacy mainframe systems; Three-tiered host-client-server architecture; Cloud-Computing
  • Distributed systems and databases, data warehouses, Big data
  • Networked PCs (including wide-area, local-area, and satellite networks)
  • Web-based systems (including e-commerce, e-business, online services, ERP systems on the Internet, and websites)
  • Multi-state, multi-level Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems, Retail POS systems, Restaurant POS systems
  • Ticketing systems for lotteries, movie theatre chains, legitimate theatre single and seasons ticketing systems, and related concession systems
  • Robot controlled manufacturing facilities and army bases
  • Enterprise Resource Systems (such as SAP, Oracle, Cerner, Peoplesoft, J. D. Edwards, Retek, etc.)
  • Specialized high-technology hardware, software, operating systems, CASE tools, platforms, and configurations

Warren is currently working on two large-scale ERP system disputes where, among other things, he is reviewing and analyzing the quality of: project schedule and cost estimates; resources; use of best industry SDLC; requirements elicitation and management; use of special development tools; suitability of the design; completeness and reliability of the testing; quality control and quality assurance; user training at all levels; organizational change management; readiness for Go-Live; and post-Go-Live support. He is also tying the problems encountered during post Go-Live to specific failures made earlier in the project by both parties.

Warren Reid has hands-on experience and expertise in: (1) designing, building, testing, training, converting, implementing, supporting and/or managing information systems and information technology, and/or (2) acting as an expert witness or Special master in matters crossing many industries including:

  • Advertising
  • Aerospace
  • Chemical Industry
  • DoD/Military
  • Distribution
  • E-Business
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Financial
  • Gaming and Lotteries
  • Payroll and Human Resources Systems
  • Federal, State & Local Government
  • Health Care 3rd Party Admin.
  • Hospitals; HIPAA; Health Care
  • High Technology
  • Hospitality, Hotels, Casinos
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Military
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI)
  • Professional Services Firms
  • Restaurant and Food Service
  • Retail; POS systems
  • Software
  • Ticketing
  • Utilities

Warren Reid's consulting experience and expertise, and his expert testimony and/or litigation experience and services includes:

  • Systems Development Practices ("Workmanlike Manner"; "Suitable" systems & deliverables)
  • Systems Development/Systems Engineering SDLC Methodologies: (Waterfall, Spiral, Evolutionary Prototyping, Code and Fix, Staged delivery, COTS, Method/1, Agile Methods including Scrum, eXtreme Programming, Test Driven Development, DSDM, Incremental Commitment, and more)
  • Quality, suitability, fitness & performance of delivered software: evaluated qualitatively and QUANTITATIVELY
  • Compliance with industry standards & deviations from these (incl. ISO, SEI, DOD, IEEE, Mil Specs. "Big 4", IBM, Microsoft, Commercial Standards, PEMBOK, SWEBOK, & more)
  • Risk management: identification, mitigation, impact analyses, and avoidance systems & reporting; identification of "known" risks that effect virtually every medium-large system/software project
  • Special risks, benefits, and hidden costs associated with outsourcing IT tasks, services and responsibilities (especially with India).  
  • Requirements: elicitation; documentation; prioritization; deferral; traceability through design, testing, debugging, retesting, updated documentation and acceptance (RTM); and management.  Requirements include: features and functions; technical requirements; performance requirements; and systems abilities (i.e., reliability; portability; usability; maintainability; upgradability; testability; securability, and more)
  • The RFP and software selection process, including: identifying specific selection criteria, criteria weightings, and the selection process; disclosing mandatory "make-or-break" requirements; selecting appropriate Selection Committee members; evaluating and prioritizing RFP proposal responses; performing due diligence and proper reference checks; vendor site visits; evaluating vendor demos and conference room pilots (CRP); reviewing and negotiating proposed contracts  
  • Project management, progress reporting, automated tools, status reports, dashboards, proper use of Earned Value Method (EVM), Estimate-to-Complete method, Percentage Completion Method, and multiparty communications
  • Software Engineering
  • Scope Creep; "Scope Gallop"; "Scope Stampede"
  • Software Test regimen and plan development; , testing levels, test environments, tools and harnesses; test schedules; development of proper test scenarios, cases, data and results for each level of testing; test execution and review of results; approval of tests; defect identification, management and fix process; retest, approval for further and higher level tests and movement into System and Acceptance testing environments
  • Systems and Software Testing: Staffing, Estimation, Levels Of Testing, Tools & Sign-off
  • Defect Identification, Management, Prevention, Capture, & Logging Systems And Metrics
  • Cost, Schedule, & Resource Estimation
  • Contract Interpretation
  • Systems Design & Architectures
  • Training & Documentation
  • The Implementation Process: work plan (work breakdown structure); staffing; work step effort and schedule estimation; identification of key milestone dates; the formal attention to approved requirements, requirements traceability and the evaluation of the impact of requirements changes and their approval; deliverables - form, substance, format; quality, necessity approvals
  • Identifying organizational changes to coincide with implementing the new system including: proper documentation and training re a new organization chart; changes in staff duties, responsibilities, and performance objectives; changes in work-, data-, decision- and business-flows.  Properly implementing organizational and system changes to help achieve business case and financial objectives
  • Interfaces: identification and use of proper, documented and approved industry best practices for identifying, creating, testing, documenting and turning over the required system interfaces (whether through configuring the new system modules and components, or interfaces between the new system and third party bolt-ons,  or interfaces with legacy systems). The interfaces must be tested and approved for completeness, performance and accuracy. Proper operator and/or automatic reconstruction of data bases affected by incomplete interface processing 
  • Data conversion: identification and use of proper, documented and approved, industry best practices for converting current and historical data on the to-be-replaced system onto the newly required data base. Process and roles for cleansing, extracting, transforming, loading, auditing and testing the conversion and its completeness, linkages, and accuracy
  • Appropriate, "best practices" documentation and training is compiled, delivered and taught to the "right" people
  • Go-Live implementation process & checklist; Readiness of software, system, products, services, users, operators, customers, vendors, maintenance team & systems environment
  • The Post Go-Live period and the settling of the system and staff.
  • Turnover to a properly budgeted, trained and ready maintenance organization/operation
  • In-project escalation & dispute resolution
  • Director & Officer Liability (including Sarbanes Oxley Compliance)
  • Customer, vendor & integrator roles and responsibilities, leadership and support
  • IT crisis management; project turnarounds
  • Misappropriation of IP
  • Standard and situational industry and specific IT terms and contract meanings and interpretations
  • Root and contributing causes of computer, system, and software project failure (Real Root Causes - not just symptoms!)
  • Human Factors and Failure Modes: adaptable, reconfigurable, composable, and resilient system requirements
  • Developing appropriate Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) and systems for use by our aging population
  • Internet, web design, and e-business
  • Code comparisons; abstraction, filtration & comparison
  • Data Center and IT: organization & operations: management; long-range planning; business goals alignment; budgeting and staffing; hiring and leadership; contingency planning; backup; recovery & restart; fault-tolerance; hot-sites; and evaluation against measurable goals and targets
  • Identifying and analyzing root causes of system failure requiring expert analysis and/or opinion testimony
  • Evaluating opposing expert witness reports and testimony
  • Assisting attorneys in preparing discovery requests, interrogatories, and deposition themes and questions for opposing fact and expert witnesses
  • Interviewing fact witnesses; Interfacing with other experts
  • Preparing declarations and simple, instructive, logical, and persuasive expert reports that tell the "Story"; Preparing trial exhibits
  • Giving expert witness testimony at depositions and trial

Selected Litigation Experience

[The format used below is as follows: Party the counsel who engaged us represented - Plaintiff or Defendant - Party's role in matter in dispute]


Large Concert & Theater Ticketing Services Companies

Dispute: Did the delivered system, services, training, documentation, and implementation meet the requirements of the contract. Did the defendant terminate the contract for cause or convenience?

Our Role: Warren S. Reid testified as an expert witness in London, at the International Arbitration Center in this complex software contract dispute.

Testimony included :

  1. What makes software “world class”?
  2. What are “industry best practices” re Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC)?
  3. What makes training and systems documentation “best in class”?
  4. What were the underlying root causes of alleged system and software functional and performance deficiencies?;What and who caused them in the instant case?
  5. IT industry practices a trier-of-fact needs to be informed about, including:
    • customer responsibility for knowing its requirements and customers
    • vendor responsibility to accurately represent its software and capabilities
    • challenges, techniques, lessons learned re: estimating; tracking progress; applying the “Mythical Man Month”
    • managing “scope creep” in tight timeframe and unmovable delivery date projects
    • system and software speed, performance and non-functional capabilities (e.g., maintainability; flexibility; software architecture; hardware architecture; network architecture; usability; auditability; testability; interoperability; scalability; upgradability; fault tolerance; etc.)
    • properly determining,categorizing and addressing the root causes of alleged bugs
      • the effectiveness of various defect prevention techniques
      • presenting scientific models to estimate the number of latent defects, by severity level, that will likely be delivered into production as a key metric for measuring and understanding software development excellence, mediocrity, or failure

Result: Awaiting Arbitrator’s final judgment.


US Department of Justice representing US Department of Defense; Violation of Federal Laws

Dispute: Did the Systems Integrator on several huge Department of Defense contracts meet its promises? Did the Systems Integrator violate the “Anti-Kickback” and “False Claims” Acts?Did the Systems Integrator’s services, recommendations, training, documentation, and implementation meet the requirements of the contract. Did the defendant terminate the contract for cause or convenience?

Our Role: Testimony included:WSR Consulting Group, LLC produced an expert report which documented experts’ Warren S. Reid’s and Lubomyr Chabursky’s opinions on:

  1. the roles played by systems integrators in large-scale software development and implementation projects
  2. the roles the defendant integrator contractor played in five large US Government Agency contracts/projects
  3. the project events, decision points and resulting contractoractions/ advice influencing specific vendor component recommendations with which the integrator maintained alliance agreements
  4. the extent the integratorwas influenced (consciously or unconsciously) to purchase more, different, and/or unproven state-of-the-art components/resources; shorten the delivery schedule for such hardware/software/netware components; recommend/alter system components not warranted by the merits of the project/circumstances
  5. the extent to which the integrator created, planned, and executed policies, procedures and organizational structures to manage and collect "vendor influence payments" from alliance vendors.

In addition, we reported/opined on the proper creation, setting up, and migration of IT operations to large, outsourced data centers with required: security; recovery and restart; failsafe & failover mechanisms; power and safety capabilities; scalability/room for expansion; storage management systems; intranet, internet, and web portals; staffing, organization structure, training, budgeting and escalating dispute resolution policies, procedures and practices; documented operational routines and maintenance; database integrity; error reporting and management system(s); use of appropriate industry and Department of Defense IT standards, methodology and tools; EDI; and e-commerce

Result: Judgment for Department of Justice and US Department of Defense for over $63,000,000.00.


Major Casino-Hotel Chain - PLAINTIFF – CUSTOMER

Dispute: Major Casino-Hotel that was a sophisticated user of revenue management practices engaged a developer of revenue management software to create entirely new functionality, and to adapt its software geared for accommodations and travel industry to the more intricate requirements of gaming resorts. After many months of delay and an inability to deliver error-free software, the customer terminated the contract for default and sued the developer for breach of contract and damages.

Our Role: We explained the project management and software engineering failings of the developer, and its unwillingness and inability to deliver working software. Our analysis demonstrated that the developer failed to properly understand and document the requirements, andfailed to materially follow any acceptable/promised software development methodology (including any of the planned/disciplined methodologies or the agile family of methodologiesand practices). Our analysis also demonstrated that the developer’s management of the project and software development was severely disorganized and in disarray, and was incapable of making the required fixes, changes and modifications to its core software. We opined that on the basis of the amount and types of errors that were still prevalent in the software after many months of delay and attempted remediation, the customer had a reasonable basis to lose confidence in the developer’s ability and willingness to ever deliver a system that would work and meet the requirements of the customer.

Result: The case settled favorably for the plaintiff customer.


Scientist, M.D., Thought Leader and Inventor vs. Medium Size Software Developer/Vendor -- PLAINTIFF – TRADE SECRETS DEVELOPER

Dispute: The Plaintiff is suing defendant for infringing on his trade secrets -- including unique and intelligent codes, formatting, file organization, computer logic and algorithms, and technology -- supporting a federally mandated law developed for decoding and efficiently/effectively processing doctor and hospital bills and insurance reimbursements.

Our Role: Both Warren S. Reid and Randy Brown (of WSR Consulting Group, LLC) were deposed in this matter.

Result: Settlement favorable to plaintiff


Death Row Defense Case – PLAINTIFF (working with Federal Defender’s Office)

Dispute: Plaintiff, prisoner (who has been on death row for 6 years and in prison 4 years before that for murder) is appealing his trial and verdict

Our Role: We have uncovered evidence and are using our experience and expertise regarding 12 year old cash register, electronic Point-of-Sale (POS) equipment, and credit/debit card processing switches/machines, related bank processing rules and technologies to prove that the only eye witness, whose critical testimony was the basis for conviction, could not have been at or near the scene of the crime to see the Plaintiff as she testified.

Result: Pending


Class Action Bond Investors v. Owners & Underwriters of a $.5 billion bond (for multi-billion dollar regional retail chain) – PLAINTIFF – Class Action Bond Investors

Dispute: Plaintiffs’ claimed the Defendants did not properly disclose in its issued Prospectus the failing state of and risks associated with the retail chain’s lack of effort, progress, and investment in its IT systems – and the chain’s inability to make informed decisions, compete, and achieve sustainable performance and profitability against the likes of the increasingly competitive Walmart’s and others.

Our Opinion: Defendants did not disclose that the chain needed a massive IT overhaul, and a rebirth of its problematic, legacy, and unreliable MIS to dig itself out of the hole of obsolete technology, systems, information and stagnant technology culture to compete and stay solvent.

Testified over three days of deposition that Defendants’:

  • Applications were of poor quality, error-prone, limited in functionality/performance. They provided little actionable information, analysis, trends, or insights to help management for increase sales, improve profits, increase gross margins, improve inventory turns, lower working capital requirements, and/or react quickly or plan in their ever-changing industry.
  • MIS organization was under-resourced, followed no reasonable IT Plan, was not permitted to implement modern IT to achieve operational efficiencies and improved financial performance to compete.
  • Business organization held-on to old, manually intensive, paper-based processes, and not incentivized to make changes in operating processes to adapt to new technology.
  • Infrastructure was out-of-date, obsolete, expensive to maintain, and had no room for growth or ability to handle improved functionality

Result: One case settled in favor of the Plaintiffs; One case dismissed because of status of limitations; One case pending

Major Health Care Provider and its ERP Vendor - JOINT DEFENDANTS - CUSTOMER & VENDOR

Dispute: An integrator/outsourcer sues hospital defendant for $10,000,000 claiming that it was ready to go-live with the system several months earlier, but for delays caused by the vendor and customer.

Our Role: Both Warren Reid and Randy Brown (of WSR Consulting Group, LLC) were deposed and testified in arbitration that the Integrator: had poorly staffed this mission critical project; had discarded all reasonable project management principles, practices, standards, and tools for a project of this size and nature; had abandoned all rational, industry standard and contractually promised systems life-cycle methodologies; had failed to implement and execute a reliable and sound test strategy and plan; had never stabilized the system's underlying technical infrastructure; and contributed to concurrent delays through its own critical, ongoing systems defects.

Result: Arbitration judgment in favor of hospitals. The client of the attorney we have working with..

US Manufacturer/ Distributor of Custom Products – PLAINTIFF - CUSTOMER

Dispute: Involving a failed Oracle Enterprise Resource Panning (ERP) system and its Big 5 consulting systems integrator.

Our Role: Our report and testimony showed project was poorly managed, did not follow promised or industry standard methodologies, was never completely tested, and used unacceptable data conversion and systems implementation methods.

Result: Most interesting result. Call Warren Reid to discuss.

Integrator of Microsoft Solutions - PLAINTIFF – INTEGRATOR

Dispute: Legislature hired integrator to build a legislation tracking system based on Microsoft’s Sharepoint platform. New administration refused to honor the bargain struck in the development contract.

Our Role: We explained the unique business bargain created by the contract, and demonstrated that the integrator applied an appropriate methodology for that unique circumstance. We also demonstrated that the customer introduced an unreasonable amount of change during acceptance testing.

Result: Our expert analyses was instrumental in the conduct of depositions. The Defendant settled on terms that paid the Developer all of the contract price, interest and legal costs.

Internet Service and Content Provider – DEFENDANT – DEVELOPER

Dispute: Stockholders claiming failure to adequately disclose major changes in its technology strategy in its Prospectus.

Our Role: We demonstrated changes were evolutionary, concurrent and compatible with the development of the Internet, and were disclosed consistent with industry common practices.

Result: Arbitrators awarded most favorable result to defendant.

Specialized Banking Software Firm – DEFENDANT - DEVELOPER

Dispute: Defendant accused of IP infringement and misappropriation. Defendant was seeking to sell an integrated software system containing some residual content of the originally licensed programs.

Our Role: Issues were to determine how much residual content of the original software existed after several years of development by client. We analyzed extensive development history and source code for the software system acquired under exclusive license for defendant firm.

Result: Client was awarded a favorable ruling after deposition and testimony before arbitrator established that the residual content was effectively nil.

Utility Asset Management System – DEFENDANT – DEVELOPER

Dispute: Developer built database, geographic reference maps and application to manage assets and outage events for a large utility operator. However, operator prolonged the site acceptance test with multiple changes and then terminated project on the cusp of completion.

Our Role: We analyzed the error and modification data from the acceptance test and advised the client on the chances of success at trial.

Result: The Developer and Customer settled.

U.S. Government and President of the United States – DEFENDANTS – CUSTOMER

Dispute: The President, as head of the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Commission agreed to close down a computerized robotics army base that failed to meet contractual performance requirements during Desert Storm. The government refused to pay the $150 million owed to plaintiff software, robot and smart building developer.

Our Role: With secret clearance, our team visited the base site, reviewed and analyzed performance history and stats of the base during the war, and developed a 3-D simulation model which proved that there were fundamental and pervasive design and implementation flaws and decisions unilaterally made by the plaintiff developer that caused the system (and the robots) to crash.

Result: Overwhelming and complete exoneration for defendants.

Web Application Developer – PLAINTIFF – DEVELOPER

Dispute: Large industrial/consumer retailer stole ideas for web-based applications developed by Plaintiff in an idea submission.

Our Role: We provided a definitive analysis that demonstrated that the retailer copied the ideas for the web-based application directly from the prototypes that the developer provided.

Result: Developer received payment in a settlement.

Web Browser Developer/Portal – DEFENDANT - DEVELOPER

Dispute: Developer sued by shareholders after their IPO value dropped considerably, for allegedly releasing poor and untested Internet service product(s).

Our Role: Our expert reports and testimony demonstrated that the systems were well architected and designed, tested, and released following better than industry accepted practices in: quality assurance; project organization and management; acceptance, alpha and beta test release criteria; and post production help desk and defect correction/control.

Result: Defendant exonerated by arbitration panel.

Big 5 Consulting Firm – DEFENDANT - INTEGRATOR

Dispute: The Fortune 500 customer alleged that for the $50 million fee, the integrator failed to properly develop and implement a large ERP project.

Our Role: Areas in our expert report covered: the role of the System Integration Project Manager; control over sub-contractors; the stability, performance, functionality of the system; issues of scope creep; the design/use of the Oracle data base; and readiness to go live.

Result: Settlement favorable to Integrator.

Multiple Insurance Companies – DEFENDANT - INSURERS

Dispute: Plaintiff’s claimed “sue and labor” in Y2K matter. One case alone was for $74 million.

Our Role: To determine to what extent the remedial costs expended by insureds: were reasonable; were paid for “fortuitous” events; really saved the insurers money. We also defined and applied new technology and meaning to the terms “destruction, distortion and corruption of data” in time-honored insurance coverage policy interpretation.

Result: All cases were settled or won with no insurer liability or payout.

International Medical Company – PLAINTIFF - CUSTOMER

Dispute: Involved a system developed by a major outsourcer that failed to perform.

Our Role: Our research, report, and testimony helped show that the system developed was not of workmanlike quality, was not built using the outsourcer’s “System Life Cycle Methodology” or any industry standards, and did not work.

Result: Judgment of fraud against defendant.

International Fast Food Company – DEFENDANT - CUSTOMER

Dispute: Developer sued over the refusal of the customer to install and pay for an integrated POS system.

Our Role: We testified and demonstrated that the system was fundamentally flawed, would never have worked, was not fault tolerant, couldn’t handle peak performance, and was inappropriate for intended environment.

Result: Defendant exonerated – no damages.

Major Utility Company – PLAINTIFF - CUSTOMER

Dispute: integrator failed to design and implement on schedule a Human Resources system based on highly customized software developed by a celebrated international systems developer.

Our Role: We reviewed the project management processes promised versus those used. Our findings and conclusions were a major element in settlement discussions.

Result: Very favorable settlement to our client, the customer.

Malaysian Stock Exchange – PLAINTIFF - CUSTOMER

Dispute: Issues resolved including as-promised design vs. as-produced design, project management and budgeting/estimation issues, poor quality of system, readiness to go live, and contract interpretation.

Our Role: Engagement to determine whether or not said exchange had a viable claim against its computer systems vendors, developers and integrators.

Result: Case settled in favor of Plaintiff

Large Magazine Subscription Company – PLAINTIFF - CUSTOMER

Dispute: Integrator/Developer failed to properly install a new system involving very complicated data base requirements.

Our Role: Involved source code issues, quality of design and implementation, year 2000 issue, recovery and restart failure, performance, and other issues.

Result: Case settled at very favorable terms to plaintiff.

Canadian Government – DEFENDANT – CUSTOMER

Dispute: Government terminated a contract with a Big 5 consulting firm in project to build a fully automated, state-of-the-art federal employee payroll system.

Our Role: Our expert reports showed failings in project management, risk management, quality management, configuration management, estimation, design and staffing – all of which caused delays that triggered the termination for cause.

Result: Consulting Firm plaintiff settled on terms favorable to the government.

Provincial Government – DEFENDANT - CUSTOMER

Dispute: Massive delays in a large-scale province-wide healthcare reimbursement and information system.

Our Role: Engaged by defense attorneys as a strategist and expert to address cause of delays, poor quality in testing, unsuitability for intended purpose, not ready to go live, and cause of cost overruns.

Result: Change in government brought about settlement.

Large Systems Integrator – DEFENDANT - INTEGRATOR

Dispute: Breach of contract in development of special statewide computer system involving over $100 million.

Our Role: Established that, in fact, plaintiff vendor "with knowledge": severely underestimated project; assigned inadequate staff; didn't understand requirements; designed/developed poor quality system; didn't adequately test system; and that system wouldn't have worked.

Result: Change in government resulted in settlement.

Manufacturer of Hi-Tech Products – PLAINTIFF – DEVELOPER

Dispute: Right to import into U.S. hi-tech products that permit the unlocking of certain security devices (hardware locks) on PCs.

Our Role: Delivered written testimony and proofs that there exists a "substantial legitimate commercial purpose" for the product.

Result: Products allowed for import.

Developer of Complex POS System – DEFENDANT – DEVELOPER

Dispute: Financing consortium sought to prove that developed complex POS (Point of Sale) system was not fit for purpose after pilot installations in a large multi-state fast-food retail chain.

Our Role: Developed standards/models for proving delivered systems met contract and industry standards; and that the software worked; the hardware worked; the users “liked it" despite existence of "acceptable" defect levels.

Result: After testimony, co-Plaintiff switched sides. Defendant exonerated.

Integrator/Vendor of Financial Systems – DEFENDANT - INTEGRATOR

Dispute: Case involved failed Savings and Loan company suing systems integrator/vendor for alleged faulty systems solution.

Our Role: Established damage ceiling and that solution would have worked had plaintiff allowed defendant to properly install/test system, and train users.

Result: Defendant exonerated.

Software Developer – PLAINTIFF - DEVELOPER

Dispute: Insurance bad faith matter re loss of intellectual properties, business and technical records, and eventual business failure after vandalism.

Our Role: Established long term business viability of plaintiff by developing creative model for successful government sub-contracting entities. Also, developed alternative damage strategies.

Result: Favorable settlement for Plaintiff.

Software Developer – PLAINTIFF - DEVELOPER

Dispute: Competitor hired former employees and infringed on technology patent.

Our Role: Engaged as consultant to discover if new technology patent was infringed by competitor hiring former employees.

Result: Sealed agreement.

Intellectual Property Matter – APPOINTED BY COURT

Our Role: Appointed Special Master to the Court in determining/opining on whether proprietary software had been stolen (illegally copied) and was being illegally used by a competitor. Solution involved high-tech sleuthing, code comparison, and computer, software and operating system forensics.

Result: We reported our conclusion of infringement to the judge. Settlement sealed.

State Government with Large Dispatch System – DEFENDANT - CUSTOMER

Dispute: State Government hired a large integrator to install a complex computer-aided dispatch system – but cancelled the contract after many delays and poor testing results. Integrator sued for $100 million.

Our Role: Our expert analysis and report revealed that integrator grossly underestimated the project due to its inexperience with these types of systems – compounded by poor project management tools, poor collection of user requirements, insufficiently qualified staff, and inadequate testing approaches.

Result: Jury rejected lawsuit, and awarded Defendant $1 million for legal costs.

Developer of Wholesale Distribution Software – PLAINTIFF - DEVELOPER

Dispute: Misappropriation of trade secrets and bad faith as large company pretends to perform due diligence – but in the end rejects purchase of Plaintiff company in bad faith for alleged poor performance, and instead very quickly develops and releases a competing system with a totally different GUI.

Our Role: We demonstrated that the Defendant’s system used a virtually identical suite of functionality and underlying algorithms – and opined that the Defendant stole these trade secrets. Also we proved that the Defendant stacked the due diligence testing to purposefully fail by applying unrealistic volumes of data and criteria.

Result: The Defendant settled in favor of the Plaintiff the day before the trial.


Other Litigation Matters

  • Provided consulting insight, recommendations and opinions for a matter involving the continuing missed schedules of a new ERP system implementation for a large music performing rights company.
  • Consulted on several patent infringement matters to help determine whether technology was misappropriated.
  • Provided consulting insight for a matter involving unclear contract between service bureau and multi-state agency. Clarified contract's meaning, and identified software modules to be turned over to agency at contract's end.
  • Engaged in multiple cases by both plaintiff and defense attorneys as a strategist and expert in matters involving fitness and production readiness of allegedly failed: smart buildings (clothing and machine manufacturing); robots; automated storage/retrieval systems; automated guided vehicles; complex logistics algorithms; RF devices; simulations, etc.
  • Engaged in matters involving launches of new hi-tech products (both with and without competition). Established and opined on "best efforts vs. actual efforts", market size/share potential, and royalty and damage calculations.
  • Engaged as expert to assist in liability and damages aspects in contract matter re calculation method, accrual, and royalty payments due to the software developer from a major software developer/distributor. Opined on contract clauses; developed basis for identifying royalty triggering mechanism and calculating damages. Favorable settlement.
  • Engaged in multiple international matters involving the manufacture and quality of PCs and large client/server hardware and components. Prepared written testimony on: testing; ISO 9000 compliance; manufacturing standards and assembly practices; Quality Assurance; U.S. industry standards including SWEBOK and PMBOK and QAI standards; and readiness and fitness of the products.
  • Engaged in an anti-trust matter where a dominant retail distributor of microcomputer software client was forbidden from distributing certain products. We researched and documented available distribution alternatives to show that no other "viable" opportunities existed at the time. This resulted in allowing the distributor and developer to proceed with the desired, beneficial distribution arrangement.
  • Engaged as consultant in RICO, malpractice, and fraud matter against management and auditors in large, bankrupt national retail chain. Established key standards of reasonable behavior for officers/directors/auditors in extant case.
  • Developed Damages in matters involving: Contract Breach; Patent/Intellectual Property Misappropriation; Bad Faith; Best Efforts; Lost Profits; Reasonable Royalties; D&O Liability; Market Potential/Size; Bankruptcy.

Other Relevant Consulting Assignments

  • Turning around troubled and/or runaway IT and software development and/or implementation projects using WSR Consulting Group's propriety CPR Methodology (Coordinated Project Recovery) which includes, among other important steps: defining success (and re-contracting); agreeing on the "right" requirements; engaging a SWAT (SoftWare Adjudication Team); implementing an early "adoption" program; properly considering and implementing in-sourcing, near-sourcing and outsourcing; adopting an appropriate software development and project lifecycle methodology; employing "S*M*A*R*T project management and reporting standards & tools; retooling test efforts for defect prevention and early defect detection and resolution; planning and executing the appropriate go-live decision/acceptance process.
  • Developed strategy/business plans and co-chaired Management Steering Committees to assist in corporate growth, reorganization, merger and acquisition, and raising capital for companies. Responsible for recruiting/negotiating the hire of a dozen CEOs/top managers to help lead newly formed, redirected, or rapidly growing companies.
  • Managed complete micro‑, mini‑, and mainframe systems solutions from concept through planning, design, selection, development, testing, acceptance, implementation and rollout, for over 100 companies in a dozen industries including: healthcare, restaurant, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, retail, government, finance, not-for-profit. Experienced with all aspects of the system development lifecycle, project management, resource planning, system integration, and performance measurement. Results included large improvement in clients' planning, operations, control, accounting, and profitability. Negotiated dozens of successful high technology contracts.
  • Responsible for overseeing testing and acceptance of California Lottery's automated LOTTO games plus the development of controls, procedures, and guidelines to prevent annual losses from potential fraud and abuse

Business Counseling and Management:

  • Developed strategic, marketing, and business plans to assist in growing, reorganizing, selling and/or raising capital for high-technology companies.
  • Guided the Board of Directors, staff and physicians of a major non?profit health?care institution in changing its mission, organization structure and management team, physical plant and systems, resulting in annual savings of $3 million.
  • Responsible for identifying and negotiating the hiring of more than a dozen CEO's and top managers to lead newly formed, redirected, or emerging-growth companies.
  • Acted as a special consultant to the partners of the largest Ireland-based venture fund. Fund invested in U.S. high-tech companies. Evaluated potential investment candidates and rendered opinions and made recommendations regarding value of candidates' technology advantage, management team, business plan, exit strategy, competition, use of funds, and rapid changes in the high-tech industry that might impact the candidates' plans and future. Made investment recommendations.

Other Activities

  • Developed a breakthrough, comprehensive manual, Affirmative Duties of Officers and Directors in U.S. Companies, used as a cornerstone guide in litigation support matters at Laventhol & Horwath.
  • Frequent keynoter, speaker, or seminar leader for CalTech/MIT Enterprise Forum, International Computer Law Forum, World Computer Law Congress, International Exhibition and Conference on "Software Testing", Executive Insurance Institute; Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences; Computer Law Association; numerous Bar Associations; American Bar Association; Association for Computing Machinery; Data Processing Managers Association; Quality Assurance Institute and more.
  • Former member of International Computer Negotiations (ICN) Masters Program Faculty teaching hi-tech contracts, and complex testing/performance strategies. Former Information Systems Editor of High Technology Procurement Magazine. Former bi-monthly columnist on Y2K issues for The Enterprise Systems Journal.


Current Teaching Assignments/Responsibilities

Warren is a regular and recurring guest "expert" lecturer at the University of Southern California's (USC's) Computer Sciences Department where he presents his experience to the Systems & Software Engineering classes attended by undergraduate, graduate and distance learning students twice yearly for multiple sessions each time.

He lectures yearly at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles in the IT Contracts and Case Study classes.

In 2012, Warren's lecture topics in the above mentioned schools have included:

At University of Southern California (USC):

  • What is a "World-Class" system? No, really?
  • What new science, techniques & metrics are being used In court to determine the "quality" of delivered systems -- and more?
  • The calamitous growing misalignment of systems design, GUIs and software usability with aging user segments
  • A critical and thorough look at IT outsourcing -- a 15 year retrospective!
  • What you really need to know TODAY about "cloud computing."
  • Slipping backwards: When, how, and why Agile methodology fails?

At Southwestern Law School:

  • What are the components of a system?
  • Why systems fail?
  • Is there a "world-class" system?
  • The IT contract & the systems development life cycle
  • Important IT contract clauses
  • Important IT outsourcing contract clauses



WSR Consulting Group, LLC, Los Angeles, California 1988 - Present

Founder and Managing Director

Laventhol & Horwath, Los Angeles 1980 - 1988

Senior Principal-in-Charge of Information Systems Consulting for the Western Region.

Arthur Andersen & Co., Los Angeles & New York 1972 - 1980

Manager in Management Information Consulting. (Advanced from staff consultant)


Wharton Graduate School of Finance, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

MBA in Management Information and Control, 1972 (the Wharton School's Computer Science equivalent);

MS in Accounting, 1971

Baruch College (City College of New York), New York, New York

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), 1970 (accounting major - first in class)

  • President, Beta Alpha Psi (National Honorary Accounting Fraternity)
  • Winner of National Beta Alpha Psi Award for Excellence in Accounting
  • Member of Beta Gamma Sigma (National Honorary Business Fraternity)
  • Winner, New York State Regents Scholarship

Affiliations & Publications

  • Earned Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA) designation from the Quality Assurance Institute (QAI).
  • Earned Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE) designation from the Quality Assurance Institute (QAI).
  • Achieved Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation-Institute of Management Consultants - 1990.
  • Earned Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) designation - National Association of Certified Fraud Examiners - 1989.
  • Co-Founder/Co-Chair of Southwestern University School of Law First International IT Law Conference Los Angeles, California - June 9 & 10, 2005 and again in 2007 with Law Prof. Michael D. Scott, Esquire.
  • Co-Chair and Co-Creator of "Successful Strategies For Avoiding And Resolving Large-Scale IT System Project Failures" in Orlando, Florida - October 3-4, 2002. Sponsored by The Computer Law Association.
  • Guest Lecturer at University of Southern California Graduate School of Engineering, on "Valuing High Technology Properties". 2006 and ongoing.
  • Guest Lecturer at Southwestern University School of Law (in Los Angeles) on Computer Contracts. 2006 and ongoing.
  • Former Executive Committee Board member of the CalTech‑MIT Enterprise Forum. Former Reviewer for "Software Cost Estimating Improvement Initiative" - at Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute.
  • Former Co-Chairman and Co-founder of The Southern California IMPACT RoundTable with Richard Bernacchi, Esq.
  • Former Board Member: Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences; Cal-Tech/MIT Enterprise Forum; Century City Chamber of Commerce; SFV Cultural Foundation; City of Hope Tech Committee; CompuTalk - a high-tech company.
  • Former or current member of: Los Angeles Bankruptcy Study Forum;  Wharton Club;  Quality Assurance Institute; IEEE; Southern California Quality Assurance Association; Computer Law Association - associate member.
  • Co-Founder/Vice-Chair of World Computer Law Congress 1991, 1993 with Michael D. Scott, Esq. and Richard Bernacchi, Esq.; sold WCLC to the Computer Law Association in 1994. Co-organizer/Host for International Conference on Computers and the Law ‑ 1988, and IBM-RACF Users' Conferences - 1990, 1992. Co-founder/Board Member of ProTEC (Professional Technology Executives Co-op).
  • Co-author with Michael D. Scott of: The Year 2000 Computer Crisis: Law, Business, & Technology, (original and two updated versions), Published by Glasser LegalWorks, 1998, 1999. (ISBN#1-888075-68-6)  Phone: (800) 890-1700.
  • Author of: The Year 2000 Computer Crisis: A Director & Executive Management Guide, Published by The Information Management Forum, 1997. (ISBN#1-55711-172-3) Phone: (770) 455-0070.
  • Author of The Millennium Mandala (distributed worldwide), and the well-received and translated work, The Year 2000 Titan. 
  • Over 85 published business and technology articles including topics covering high-tech contracting; large-scale system development and project management; contract analysis; successful systems selection, analysis, design, implementation, defect prevention, quality assurance, testing at all levels including integration, acceptance and performance testing, and outsourcing: valuing companies; officer and director obligations; executive decision-making; using expert witnesses; and more.
  • Interviews syndicated in 150 newspapers.  Authored business book chapters. Former Guest Technology Commentator for KGIL Talk Radio. Author of "rfp/MASTER: the Complete Management System for Successful Vendor Selection & Systems Implementation".
  • Former columnist for The Enterprise Systems Journal. Former member of the Editorial Advisory Board of The Year 2000 Journal.  Former member of the Board of Editors of the Y2K Counselor.
  • Guest expert commentator for radio talk shows.
  • Guest Y2K expert commentator for CNN.

Published Articles by Warren S. Reid (through 2006)

Publication Name Article Name Date Volume Number
1 To be Published in late 2006 - early 2007 "TurnAround: Corralling the Runaway Project" will provide proven, practical and prudent advice and a proprietary model for getting out-of-control projects back on track.           
2 To be Published in late 2006 - early 2007 "Ten Persistent Myths that Continue to Cause IT Testing to Fail - and How to Address Them" will explore pervasive software and systems testing myths that keep systems from attaining their goals. The article will appear in an upcoming peer-reviewed Journal of the Quality Assurance Institute. will appear in an upcoming peer-reviewed Journal of the Quality Assurance Institute.  
3 Southwestern University School of Law (in Los Angeles) on website of Computer Contracts class "Why Good Systems Projects go Bad - And How That Affects your Clients' Contacts" February 2006  
4 University of Southern California: Graduate School of Engineering website "There Are Six Sides to Every High-Tech Valuation: Secrets Every Professional Should Know About How to Acquire/Valuate High-Tech Companies" February 2006  
5 Journal of the Quality Assurance Institute "Computer & Software Failure Litigation: Expert Tales and Lessons from the Crucible" Parts I and II October 2005, January 2006  
6 Cutter IT Journal "Computer & Software Failure Litigation: Sagas of an Expert Witness" November 2005  
7 Enterprise Systems Journal "My Favorite Y2K Websites" Dec-99 Vol. 14, Num. 12
8 Enterprise Systems Journal "Some Final Y2K FAQs" Nov-99 Vol. 14, Num. 11
9 The Computer Lawyer "The Year 2000 Titan" (updated version) Sep-99 Vol. 16, Num. 9
10 Enterprise Systems Journal "18 Things to Expect for the Rest of 1999" Sep-99 Vol. 14, Num. 9
11 The Computer Lawyer "The Y2K Problem:  25 Things to Expect" Aug-99 Vol. 16, Num. 8
12 Cyberspace Lawyer "Year 2000 Update:  25 Things to Expect During the Rest of 1999" Jul/Aug-99 Vol. 4, Num. 4
13 Enterprise Systems Journal "Let's All Join Hands -- NOT Point Fingers" Jul-99 Vol. 14, Num. 7
14 Enterprise Systems Journal "WHAT YOU SEE, IS WHAT YOU GET!" May-99 Vol. 14, Num. 5
15 Y2K Counselor "Two Approaches to Year 2000 Community Preparedness" Mar-99 Vol. 1, Num. 6
16 Enterprise Systems Journal "The Dirty Dozen" Mar-99 Vol. 14, Num. 3
17 Enterprise Systems Journal "Happy Days Are Here Again" Jan-99 Vol. 14, Num. 1
18 Guide to Computer Law "The Year 2000 Crisis: What To Do Now?" Issue No. 207 (Updated) Jan-99 Vol. 14, Num. 1
19 Y2K Counselor "Victory Over Y2K Problem Declared Premature" Jan-99 Vol. 1, Num. 4
20 Guide to Computer Law "The Year 2000 Paper Trail"  Issue No. 206 (updated) Dec-99 Vol. 14, Num. 12
21 Enterprise Systems Journal "The SEC Strikes Back!" Nov-98 Vol. 13, Num. 11
22 Enterprise Systems Journal The "Trendy Traps" of the Summer of '98 Sep-98 Vol. 13, Num. 9
23 YEAR 2000 Practitioner "Y2K Minutes, Contingency Planning: It's The Real Thing!" September,  1998 Vol. 1,   Issue 9
24 YEAR 2000 Practitioner "Y2K Legal and Financial Juries In the Year 2001" August,  1998 Vol. 1,   Issue 8
25 MIDRANGE Systems "Y2K Countdown: The Year 2000 Titan" August,   17, & Sept 7, 1998 Parts 1 & 2
26 Enterprise Systems Journal "Countdown to Year 2000: The Year 2000 Paper Trail" July, 1998 Vol. 13, Num. 7
27 Enterprise Systems Journal "The Year 2000 Crisis: What To Do Now?" July, 1998 Vol. 13, Num. 7
28 Enterprise Systems Journal "Year 2000 Certification Programs" May, 1998 Vol. 13, No. 5
29 Enterprise Systems Journal "Countdown to Year 2000: Juries in the Year 2000!" March, 1998 Vol. 13, Num. 3
30 Y2K Business Law Reports "Beyond Awareness: Ten Management and Ten Legal Pitfalls Regarding Y2k Computer Problem That You May Not Have Considered, YET!"Part 1 March, 1998 Vol. 1,   Issue 1
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32 Tools & Tactics "Beyond Awareness: Ten Management and Ten Legal Pitfalls Regarding Y2k Computer Problem That You May Not Have Considered, YET!" Part 2   Vol. 6, Issue 11
33 Enterprise Systems Journal "Drafting Strong Warranty Clauses In Contracts with Vendors November, 1997 Vol 12, No. 11
34 Tools & Tactics "The Year 2000 Crisis: What Surprises Are Left?"Part 1 September, 1997 Vol. 2,   Num. 6
35 Tools & Tactics "The Year 2000 Crisis: What Surprises Are Left?"Part 2 October, 1997 Vol. 2, Num. 7
36 Year 2000 Journal "Contingency Planning: It's the Real Thing" Sept. / October, 1997  
37 Enterprise Systems Journal "Contingency Planning: It's the Real Thing" Jan-98  
38 Tools & Tactics "Contingency Planning For Y2K Compliance - Part 2 1998 Vol. 7, Issue 4
39 Year 2000 Journal "The Technology Steering Committee" July / August 1997  
40 Enterprise Systems Journal "Countdown to Year 2000: The Liability Issues Facing Directors and Officers July, 1997  
41 Year 2000 Journal "Year 2000 Crisis Issues For Boards And Executive Management" 1997 Vol. 1, Num. 3
42 American Programmer "The Year 2000 Crisis: "The Year 2000 Crisis: Executive Management Issues You Can't Afford to Ignore" June, 1997 Vol. 10, Num. 6
43 Cyberspace Lawyer "Ten Management and Legal Issues You May not have yet considered regarding the Year 2000" - Part 1 March, 1997 Vol. 6, Issue 10
44 Cyberspace Lawyer "Ten Management and Legal Issues You May not have yet considered regarding the Year 2000" - Part 2 April, 1997 Vol. 6, Issue 11
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54 American Programmer "You Call That a System??  I'll See You in Court!!"Part 1 July, 1995 Vol. 8,  Num. 7
55 American Programmer "You Call That a System??  I'll See You in Court!!"Part 2 August, 1995 Vol. 8,  Num. 8
56 The Computer Lawyer "Tales From  the Trenches:  Secrets of a High-Tech Expert" July, 1995 Vol. 12, Num. 7
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59 The Computer Lawyer "Implementing Applications Systems Solutions Successfully" January, 1994 Vol. 11, Num. 1
60 Los Angeles Business Journal "Contracts save high-tech rights"    
61 National Law Journal "Selecting Expert Witnesses With Litigation Savvy" (only part of it was published in NLJ)) 1989, 1993  
62 (Self-Published) "Request for Proposal for Russ Chemical Corporation for Application Software and Hardware" 1993  
63 High-Tech Procurement "User-Vendor Relationships: What You Don't Know Can Kill You!" 1993 Vol. 3,   Issue 1
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66 High-Tech Procurement "The Masterful RFP: What You Don't Know Will Hurt You!" 1992 Vol. 2,  Issue 7
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73 High Tech Procurement "Every Great System Must Be Built On a Strong Foundation - Its Cornerstones" 1991 Vol. 2,  Issue 3
74 High Tech Procurement "We Interrupt This Program... This Is Only a Test" 1991 Vol. 2,  Issue 2
75 High Tech Procurement "Attitude Isn't an Important Thing - It's the Only Thing" 1991 Vol. 2, Issue 1
76 High Tech Procurement "Dealing With the Realities: If You Can't Test for Everything, Then What Do You Do?" 1991 Vol. 1, Issue 12
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84 Los Angeles Business Journal "Capitalizing on The Computer Boom" (co authored with Ken Purcell) June, 1984 Vol. 6, No 39
85 Los Angeles Business Journal "10 Commandments Will Prevent 'Computer Cancer', Expert Says" August, 1982  
86 Los Angeles Business Journal "Contracts save high-tech rights" December, 1983  
Mr. Reid interviews with national and international media on management and legal issues. He has appeared in The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Computerworld, Money Magazine, CIO Magazine, Forbes, Bloomberg News, and many others. He also appears on Cable Network News (CNN).

Warren Reid in the news:

Publication Name Article Name Date Vol. Num.
AA Your Company: Reinventing the Small Business Y2K The Final Checklist Sep-99  
BB Legal Information Alert New Sources (Book Review) Apr-99 Vol 18, No. 4
CC World Computer Law Congress Brochure Global Success in the Computer Industry 1993  
DD Marston & Marston News News Roundup: As 2000 Approaches, Y2K Bug Prevention Is Often Too Far Off Pace 11/18/1998  
EE Computerworld Arbitration Could Be Better Alternative In IT Contract Disputes Mar-99 Vol 33, Num. 9
FF Scientific American Y2K Bug: So Many Bugs … So Little Time January, 1999 Page 93
GG Century City News Profile: A New Field -- The Litigation Strategist Undated  
HH The Wall Street Journal The Year 2000 and the CEO's Big Secret 7/25/1996 By Roger Lowenstein
II Forbes "The Bug Bar" 7/28/1997 By Susan Adams
JJ Glasser LegalWorks Book Announcement: Year 2000 Computer Crisis: Law, Business and Technology 1999  
KK WSR Consulting Group, LLC:  Y2K Services Brochure Year 2000 (Y2K) Specialty Consulting Practice    

Mr. Reid's contributed book chapters:

Book Contributions Date
1 INTERNET AND TECHNOLOGY LAW DESK REFERENCE, by Michael D. Scott, Published by Aspen Law and Business 1999. 1999
2 TRAINING FOR SOFTWARE ROLLOUTS, BY Charles H. Trepper, Published by McGraw Hill 1999
3 INFORMATION USERS AND SOCIETY, used in the Information Systems Curriculum at University of California at Berkeley, by Profs. Pam Samuelson & Nancy Van House 1999
4 YEAR 2000: BEST PRACTICES FOR Y2K MILLENNIUM COMPUTING, Edited by Dick Lefkon.  Published by Prentice Hall PTR 1998
5 YEAR 2000 IN A NUTSHELL: A DESKTOP QUICK REFERENCE, by Norman Shakespeare.  Published by O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. 1998
6 COUNTDOWN 2000, THE Y2K CHALLENGE: STRATEGIES, METHODOLOGIES, AND SOLUTIONS, Edited by Alexis Leon.  Published by Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Co., Ltd. 1998

Mr. Reid is quoted in the following books:

Book Quotes Date
1 LAW OF THE YEAR 2000 PROBLEM: STRATEGIES, CLAIMS, AND DEFENSES, by Richard D. Williams and Bruce T. Smyth, Published by Aspen Law & Business 1999
2 THE MILLENNIUM BUG: HOW TO SURVIVE THE COMING CHAOS, by Michael S. Hyatt.  Published by Regency Publishing, Inc. 1998

Published Books and Monographs

«» Book Name Date
1   THE YEAR 2000 COMPUTER CRISIS: LAW, BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY, (Original and Two Updated Versions), published by Glasser LegalWorks. (ISBN#1-888075-68-6)Phone: (800) 890-1700 1998, 1999
2   THE YEAR 2000 COMPUTER CRISIS: A DIRECTOR & EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT GUIDE, Published by The Information Management Forum. (ISBN#1-55711-172-3) Phone: (770) 455-0070 1997
3   THE MILLENNIUM MANDALA!  A Personal, Family, and Community Primer for Surviving The Year 2000 Computer Crisis (Original and Updated Versions),   Self-published, Phone: (818) 986-8842 1998, 1999
4 Y2K Activities Through 12/31/99 Mr. Reid wrote a bi-monthly column on Year 2000 business and legal matters for The Enterprise Systems Journal. He was also a frequent contributor to The Year 2000 Journal, and additionally wrote articles for Midrange Systems Magazine. He frequently appeared as keynote speaker at national and international conferences on high-tech, Y2K, and litigation matters. 1997 - 2000

Warren S. Reid Presentations (from 1996 - 2006 only)


Warren S. Reid to be the luncheon keynote at the Quality Assurance Institute's Annual Software Testing Conference titled "Testing in a High Stakes World" in Orlando, FL - November 13-17, 2006
Luncheon Keynote Speaker: The Ten Fundamental Causes of Testing Failure - and How to Solve Them (a penetrating look into 10 basic, mainstay causes of testing failure which, when taken together, help explain why "two-thirds of all systems projects are scrapped or challenged.")

Warren S. Reid to be a featured speaker with Attorney Larry Kunin at the 2006 Technology Law Institute in Atlanta, GA - Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Featured Speaker: "Pre-litigation CPR - Reviving the Drowning Large-Scale IT Project" introduces Mr. Reid's 4-tier, 13 step model that focuses on what actions must be taken to turn around, overcome and compensate for project management, methodology, technology and people deficiencies and issues in live projects.

Warren Reid lectures at Southwestern University School of Law to Law Students studying Hi-Tech Contracting on "When Good Systems Go Bad - and How That Affects Your Clients' Contracts. February 2006

Warren Reid lectures at University of Southern California's Graduate School of Business on "Valuing High-Tech Companies: There are Six Sides to every High-Tech Story" February 2006


Warren Reid keynotes at the 6th Annual Southern California Coalition Technology Conference Long Beach, CA - Oct 22, 2005
Keynote Speaker: Surviving and Thriving in the Changing World of Technology: Reid's Remedies 1 through 10

Warren Reid Speaks at Institute of Management Consultants Meeting Los Angeles, CA - Sept 9, 2005
Keynote Speaker: Reid's Remedies: 35 Years of IT Lessons Learned - Some the Hard Way - That Are Critical to the 21st Century IT Success

Southwestern University School of Law First International IT Law Conference Los Angeles, California - June 9 & 10, 2005. Michael D. Scott, Esquire and Warren S. Reid, Co-Founders and Co-Chairs. The presenters will include:
Keynote Speaker: "Reid's Remedies: 35 Years of IT Lessons Learned - Some the Hard Way - That Are Critical to 21st Century IT Success". Mr. Reid also participated in a presentation about the use of expert witnesses in litigation cases.

See Brochure of the Conference at

The Computer Law Association Presents The World Computer and Internet Law Congress Washington D.C. - May 5-6, 2005
Closing Speaker: What Every IT Lawyer Must Know About the Ever Changing IT Industry to Reach the Best Business Bargain or to Go on to Win in Court.


Canadian IT Law Association Toronto, Canada - October 23 - 24, 2003
Keynote Speaker: The 7 Habits of Spectacularly Successful Projects!

Torys LLP and WSR Consulting Group, LLC - October 22, 2003
Co-Keynote Speaker: The 7 Habits of Spectacularly Successful Projects!

International Conferences on PSQT & PSTT Minneapolis, Minnesota - September 8-12, 2003
Keynote Speaker: The 7 Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful Projects-- And the Managers Who Make Them So!

QAI’s 2nd Annual e-XTREME Conference – "Do You XT?" Las Vegas, Nevada - August 25-29, 2003
Keynote Speaker: e-XTREME Risk Management – R-rated—for Adult Project Managers Only!

Ogilvy Renault LLP – Keynote Speaker, Toronto, Canada - June 18, 2003
Successful Strategies to Avoid and Resolve IT System Project Failures

Torys LLP – Beating the Odds - Co-Keynote Speaker, Toronto, Canada - June 17, 2003
Winning Strategies for Making Large-Scale Technology Projects Successful

QAI’s International IT Quality & Software Testing Conference, Orlando FL - May 12-16, 2003
What Every Project Manager And Systems Engineer Must Know!


American Bar Association, 2002 Insurance Coverage Litigation, Tucson, Arizona - March 1, 2002
When Bad Things Happen To Good Projects: Litigating Large-Scale Computer Systems Failures

Quality Assurance Institute International Conference in eXtreme Testing Las Vegas, Nevada - June 6, 2002
Are You A "Survivor" Or "The Weakest Link?"

Sponsored By The Computer Law Association- Successful Strategies For Avoiding And Resolving Large-Scale IT System Project Failures The Grand Floridian, Orlando, Florida - October 3-4, 2002 Co-chair/Co-creator

Multi-session presenter in areas including:

  • The Systems Development Process
  • How/Why Projects And Systems Fail?
  • Putting On The Case – Hypothetical & Role Play


Computer Law Association Cyberspace Boot Camp, San Jose, California - March 15, 2001
B2B Or Not 2B - The Best Of Times For Lawyers

University of California at Irvine Information Technology Graduating Class - June 4, 2001
Survivor … Or Weakest Link? – Resolving Large Systems Disputes

Co-Keynote Speaker 18th International Conference & Exposition on Testing Computer Software - June 20, 2001
Is That Your Final Answer?  Surviving Cross Examination In The Courtroom!

University of North Texas – Information Systems Research Center - November 27, 2001
Co-Keynote Speaker: Tales From The Trenches: Secrets Of A High Tech Expert


CA World, New Orleans, Louisiana - April 15, 2000
The Internet: Where It Is And Where It Is Going!

Mealeys’ Conference on The Internet and the Law Boston, Massachusetts- May 15, 2000
Succeeding On The Internet: Risks And Opportunities


The Y2K Computer Crisis - CNN, Taped Live Los Angeles, California - January 1, 1999
"Burden of Proof" television broadcast

The U.S. Senate And The Year 2000 Crisis - CNN, Broadcast Live, Los Angeles, California – March 1999
"Burden of Proof" television broadcast

Sterling Software, Annual Customer Conference Dallas, Texas - April 1999
Year 2000: It’s Almost Here – Where Are You?

Insurers’ Y2K Roundtable, "The Legal Symposium," Wiley, Rein & Fielding Phoenix, Arizona - April 1999
What Makes A "Real" Y2K Expert?

University of Southern California Computer Law Institute Los Angeles, California with Mark Gordon, Esq. and Robert Baker, Esq. - May 1999
Addressing Last Minute Y2K Issues

Sterling Software’s On-Line Internet Y2K Contingency Planning Seminar, Broadcast live from Los Angeles, California - May 1999
Even Now …Minimizing Y2K Risks

National Radio – Talk America Network, "Y2K Today," Live Broadcast - July 1, 1999
The Y2K Problem: Twenty- Five Things To Expect During The Rest Of 1999

UCLA School of Law, ACCA Southern California Chapter Conference, "Technology Issues for the New Millennium" - October 1999
Year 2000 – Where Are We Now?


Expert Witnesses In A Year 2000 Litigation, Mock Trials: Direct And Cross Examination Of A CIO In A Year 2000 Litigation, Law Journal Seminars New York, New York - April 1998
Co-Chair: Litigation Strategy For Year 2000 Crisis

American Banker & Strategic Research Institute, Year 2000 Personal & Corporate Liability Compliance Dallas, Texas - April, 1998
This Is Your Life: Directors & Officers On Trials--A Year 2000 Mock Trial  

Sterling Software, Annual Customer Conference Dallas, Texas - April 1998
The Year 2000 Crisis: What You Can Do Now

Cleveland Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators, Cleveland, Ohio - May 1998
What Every Lawyer/Managing Partner Must Know About Y2k

Technology Transfer Institute, Year 200 Legal Issues, Risk Management and Contingency Planning Beverly Hills, California - May 1998 
One More Time: What You Can Do To Mitigate Your Year 2000 Problems

Law Seminars, Litigation Strategy —Y2K Crisis San Francisco, California - June 1998
The Year 2000 Crisis: A Legal, Business And Technology Roundup

Minnesota State Bar Association, Critical State of Affairs – Practical Strategies for the Time Remaining Minneapolis, Minnesota - July 1998
The Year 2000 Computer Crisis: The Critical State Of Affairs – Practical Strategies For The Time Remaining

Weyerhaeuser Recovery Sources, Annual Customer Conference Laguna Beach, California - August 1998
Your Year 2000 Corporate Ship: Unsinkable?…Unthinkable!

Computer Law Association Monterey, California - October 1998
The Year 2000 Computer Crisis: Tips, Tools, Techniques, And Tactics For Making It Past New Year’s Day, 2000

GIGA Information Group, World-Wide Live Internet Audio Cast - October 1998
The Year 2000: Challenges & Legal Aspects of the Year 2000

San Diego National Bank, San Diego, California - November 1998
The Year 2000 Bug: A Holiday Roundup

Unitech Conference, Chicago, Illinois - November 1998
Keynote Speaker: The Year 2000 Crisis: What To Do Now?

CNN’s  "Burden Of Proof"- Hosted by Greta Van Susteren -- Live Interview - Friday January 1, 1998
The Y2K Millennium Bug And You


Emerging Information Technology Executive Group Los Angeles, California - March 1997
Co-Keynote with Attorney Richard L. Bernacchi: Legal, Technology, And Management "Gotcha’s" For The Year 1999

Computer Law Association, Washington, D.C. - April 1997
Ten Management And Legal Issues You May Not Have Considered Regarding The Year 2000

Computer Law Institute, Los Angeles, California - May 1997
Dealing Practicably With Internet-Related Procurements: The Year 2000 Crisis, And Relationships Between Company And Outside Counsel

Sterling Software Enterprise Strategies ’97, Worldwide Customer Conference - May 1997
Year 2000:  12 "Gotcha’s" That Will Get You

The 16th International Conference/Exhibition on Software Testing, Washington, D.C. - June 1997
Co-Keynote Address With Peter deJager

IBC Conference - Mitigating Year 2000 Corporate Risk New York, New York - October 1997
Keynote Address:  A Year 2000 Executive Perspective:  10 "Gotchas" That’ll Get You

IBC Conference -Innovative Strategies to Monitor Year 2000 Acceptance Testing and Compliance Certification New York City, New York - October 1997
Unique Challenges In Developing And Implementing A Year 2000 Contingency Plan

The Year 2000 Crisis: The Law, Business And Technology
Co-Chair And Keynote Speaker:  The Year 2000 "Millennium Bug":  Litigation Issues And Answers


Year 2000 Solutions Conference and Expo, Washington D.C. - March 20, 1996
2001: A Legal Odyssey - The Year 2000 Millennium Bug And You

Southern California Quality Assurance Association Panel, Irvine, CA - May 15, 1996
Year 2000: Are You Ready?

Several Executive Briefings - Hosted by UNISYS Corporation, California - June 1996
The Year 2000 Millennium Challenge -- Business And Legal Issues

Southern California Impact Roundtable, Los Angeles, California - July 12, 1996
2001: A Legal Odyssey - The Year 2000 Millennium Bug And You

Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum, Pasadena, California - September 21, 1996
Developing A Profitable Consulting Practice

Computer Law Association -Annual Conference, Monterey, California - October 18, 1996
The Year 2000: Business And Legal Ramifications

Beckman Software Symposium, Irvine, California - October 23, 1996
You Call That A System??…I’ll See You In Court! 

DPMA Conference on the Year 2000 Software Crisis, Washington, D.C. - December 6, 1996
Serious Trouble: CEO’s, CIO’s, And IS Managers Need To Act Now To Avoid Potentially Disastrous Liabilities


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